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The Pharmalogyx team was strategically designed to maximize CBD and other cannabinoid production while maintaining true medical-grade quality – from cultivation to final product.

Colte Koen


Colte Koen is President of Pharmalogyx. Having started his career in bank regulation at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Mr. Koen formed a foundational understanding of strict adherence to compliance and financial sector best practices. With an eye toward the private sector, Mr. Koen eventually left public service and joined a portfolio company of a Dallas-based private equity firm; an ERP/CRM implementation and outsourced IT consulting company where he acted as head of sales/marketing, strategic development and M&A-centric expansion efforts across the southwest US.

During his tenure, Mr. Koen bootstrapped recapitalization and rebranding efforts of an oil and gas drilling and workover services company.  Upon the successful recapitalization, Mr. Koen left the technology industry and joined the team full time as partner and CFO/CSO. Shortly after the relaunch of the oilfield services entity, the oil market crashed, and the company soon found itself unable to gain new clientele in a now distressed market with little to no demand for the company’s services.  As a hedge to the new reality of the market, Mr. Koen and his partners launched a transaction advisory firm specializing in the buying and selling of oil and gas assets.  After some success, the new service line was rolled into assisting the acquisition and re-launch of a broker/dealer and the simultaneous launch of an energy-based investment bank, Entoro Capital.

In late 2015, Mr. Koen began peeling back the layers of the burgeoning cannabaceae industry and soon partnered with a cultivation operator in Washington State to begin an emerging markets strategy targeting cultivation efforts in newly legalized states. During that process, Mr. Koen became aware of the softly boiling hemp-derived valued constituent industry and began assembling a team to appropriately pursue and industrialize a quickly developing yet highly fragmented industry.  In 2019, the team successfully launched a 385-acre CBD hemp farm in SW Nevada; Hempsun Farms.

Mr. Koen holds an undergrad in Business Administration at Texas A&M, MBA from Southern Methodist University (SMU), and is FINRA licensed, Series 82.

Jeffrey McPhee

VP of Farm Management

Jeffrey McPhee is Vice President of Farm Operations for Pharmalogyx.  Mr. McPhee grew up in Yakima Valley, Washington state as a fourth-generation farmer on 1600 acres cultivating cherries, apples, pears and 8-year test plots of wine grapes and hops.  By age 14, Mr. McPhee was managing 12 year-round team members and annual harvest crews of 1400 migrant labor employees.  Because of this early and intimate exposure to hops cultivation in the Yakima Valley (producing over 75% of the nation’s hops and the current global leader in overall hop cultivation) and the emerging hemp and cannabis industries, Mr. McPhee began a ten-year dive into the applicable crossover of seasoned hops processes, techniques, and technologies across the total cannabaceae family: hemp, cannabis, and hops. Mr. McPhee maintained a focus on the study of soil sciences (agronomy, edaphology, etc.) and the mapping of the stringent parameters necessary in scaled hemp operations.  His study focused on soil type and health, micro-climate selection, genetic selection and fertilizer and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) systems and how to maximize scaled acreage performance. As such, Mr. McPhee began developing cannabaceae formulations of inputs/fertilizers and IPM systems while building collaborative relationships with GS Long, CPS and D&M Chemical in an eight-year study of crossover opportunities of hop-specific input systems for hemp and cannabis. These studies focused on the application of tested, verified, and in-practice input systems and technologies focused on the maximization of valued constituents within hops to the other cannabaceae family members.

Starting in 2001, Mr. McPhee was an integral pioneer of Washington State’s medical cannabis industry and later, within the newly legalized recreational markets in Washington State. McPhee founded and operated several cannabis cultivation companies in Washington state spanning across outdoor, greenhouse and indoor cultivation facilities with a particular focus on patients’ rights and discovery/formulation of products with symptom-specific results based on cannabinoid combination specific cultivars and products.

Having led the strategic development and operations for Hempsun Farms (a 385-acre CBD hemp farm in SW Nevada) for the 2019 season, Mr. McPhee has further honed in numerous cross-over applications across the cannabaceae family and continues to map out Pharmalogyx’s Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) in all aspects of hemp cultivation and the post-harvest biology of hemp bio-mass.

Eric Bergin

VP of Finance

Eric Bergin is Director of Finance for Pharmalogux. Mr. Bergin has over 17 years of experience in Finance with a specialty in Fund-level activities. Prior to Pharmalogyx, Mr. Bergin started and ran a successful financial consulting firm for Private Equity firms. Prior to his consulting firm, Mr. Bergin was Director of Rockpoint Group (Private Equity firm with over $50 billion in Assets Under Management), where he was responsible for the Finance Group, as well as acquisitions, asset management, and investor reporting activities. Mr. Bergin has been a guest lecturer on Private Equity Funds at Harvard Business School since 2012 and Stanford Graduate School of Business from 2012 – 2015. Mr. Bergin graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2001.

Donald Brodsky

VP of Greenhouse Operations

Donald Brodsky is VP of Greenhouse Operations for PharmaLogyx. Mr. Brodsky has 20 years of cultivation experience within the cannabaceae family of plants. Over the years, Mr. Brodsky has developed cultivation methods that assist in the maximization of crop starts and ongoing year-round greenhouse cultivation. As a breeder of new genetics and new varietal strains with a catalogue of top quality genetics and a vast understanding of botany and soil science, Mr. Brodsky assists in the maximization of quality and quantity coming from the facilities. Mr. Brodsky is also the Managing Director of a cannabaceae research and training facility based in Eugene Oregon.

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