Cultivating The Future
of Cannabinoids

Pharmalogyx – The Logical Alternative to Pharma

Pharmalogyx is a tech-forward strategic management company specializing in upstream hemp and cannabis supply chain management, high-efficacy product development, and smart distribution of consumable goods and industrial plant-derived manufacturing products.

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Growth Infrastructure

Strategically built companies to optimize and actualize the Pharmalogyx vision of industry growth and potential; seedlings as the initial ‘start’ of the process, cultivation and manufacturing as production, and distribution as the final ‘delivery’.

Stay tuned for exciting 2022 company reveals.

Imperial Seedlings

Large-Scale Hemp Transplant Production

Getting More From What We Grow

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Elevated Distributing

Hemp Product Distribution

Enterprise-Level Distribution of Hemp-Derived Products

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Growing Beyond
The Industry

Bringing Sophistication & Enterprise-Level Practices to a Highly Fragmented Industry

Pharmalogyx prides itself on being a company of strictly-adhered-to base principles as it continues to connect the dots in highly fragmented and immature industries.

From the utilization of tested ‘big ag’ practices in the germination of transplants to cultivation to the development of distribution networks and partnership channels for hemp and cannabis-derived raw ingredients, products, and consumer packaged goods, Pharamlogyx manages itself, its people, and its subsidiaries in alignment with core values, best in class operational practices, and continued enhancement.

Developing Entities
Toward a Unified Goal

Symptom and Condition-Specific Consumer Products & Industrial Hemp Adoption

Pharmalogyx continues to keep its eye on its goals of (1) bringing symptom-specific consumer goods to market through the recombination of hemp and cannabis-derived valued constituent cannabinoids and (2) driving further adoption of hemp and cannabis-derived cannabis, food and fiber products. This begins with maximizing quality management during each step of the value chain.

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