Cultivating The Future
of Cannabinoids

Pharmalogyx: The Logical Side of Pharma.

Pharmalogyx is focused on large-scale CBD, CBG, and CBN cannabinoid production, tech-forward cannabinoid brands and symptom-specific nutraceuticals.

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As a cannabinoid management company with interest across the supply chain, Pharmalogyx continues to focus on mergers, acquisitions, and greenfield opportunities while providing a shared services platform to:

Maximize and Maintain Cannabinoid Quality From Farm To Shelf

CBD Hemp Cultivation

Industrial Hemp Cultivation

Getting More From What We Grow

Found tucked away in the mountains of SW Nevada is Pahrump Valley – home to Hempsun Farms.  Spread over 385 acres, Hempsun Farms is focused on the scaled production of CBD and other cannabinoids found within the hemp flower.

CBD Hemp Seedlings Transplants

Hemp Seedling Transplants

Scaled for the Industrial Farmer

Imperial Seedlings provides hemp transplants at scale to provide farmers with a germination solution that makes sense financially and provides consistency for a more homogenous crop.

Growing Beyond
The Industry

CBD Consumer Sales in Million U.S. Dollars

Here in 2019, CBD demand continues to outstrip supply.  Through the introduction of industrialization and true scale within the industry, Pharmalogyx and the CIG Holdings portfolio of companies will work to set the bar in both quality and Standard Operating Procedures.

Cultivation is Simply
The Foundation

Symptom-specific products are the goal

While the cannabis/marijuana industry initially set the stage and laid the path for the introduction of CBD, CBD and other health/wellness-focused cannabinoids have continued to gain popularity because of such noticeable results in relieving daily common symptoms inclusive of inflammation and anxiety.

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